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DrumDial Edge Conditioner

With the introduction of several innovative, new accessories, Big Bang Distribution has once again expanded the quality and variety of upgrades available for all snare drums.

    • Edge Conditioner by DrumDial strengthens and conditions bearing edges for fast, easy tuning and improved head performance on all types of wood, metal and acrylic drums. Developed specifically for drums, Edge Conditioner is a solid resin made from a proprietary blend of extreme high pressure lubricants and conditioners and is not a wax, soap or petroleum-based product. DrumDial Edge Conditioner is available in a handy,  easy to use twist tube for a no-mess application — allowing the drum head to glide smoothly over the bearing edge for a better drum sound and more accurate tuning. Edge Conditioner can also be used to lubricate snare wire straps.

    • Fat Cat’s new Dynasonic® and Radio King® vintage-style snare wires instantly improve the sound and performance of those classic snare drums. The Dynasonic Fat Cat model features 16 strands of premium-quality Stainless-steel alloy with specially modified, pre-aged end-clips designed to be mounted on the Rogers® Dynasonic’s (1961-1986) snare cradle. The Fat Cat 16-strand Radio King wires fit the Slingerland® Radio King snare drums made from 1935 to 1957 using the classic “Clam Shell” throw-off.
Fat Cat Vintage Snare WiresFatCat Vintage Snare Wires – FC1416DS Dynasonic (top), FC1416RK Radio King (bottom)
  • Hendrix Drums’ nylon Sleeved Washers Sleeves fit all size and types of tension rods and replace conventional metal washers. Lug Sleeves make tuning smoother and quieter while providing a locking system that helps avoid detuning in heavy playing situations. Available in 20, 50 and 100 packs in black and white.

DrumDial Edge Conditioner, Lug Sleeves and Fat Cat Dynasonic and Radio King snare wires join a wide selection of snare drum upgrades, including S-Hoops and Tight Screws as well as high-end snare throw-offs from Dunnett (DR4) and Trick (GS007), that are currently featured in the Big Bang catalog. For more information see your local drum dealer or contact Big Bang at 800-547-6401, www.BigBangDist.com.

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