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The Revolutionary Black Widow Drum Web™: Maximum Security And Portability For Acoustic & Electronic Drumkits.

Black Widow Drum Web

In addition to its increased security and superior portability, the revolutionary Black Widow Drum Web™ is also one of the most versatile drum mats on the market. The patented drum essential utilizes super-gripping Velcro™ to anchor the drum pedals and immobilize the drumset along with a lightweight yet durable nylon cloth that folds quickly into its 12˝x15˝ case.

In addition, the Black Widow is designed to accommodate a wide variety of acoustic, electronic and hybrid drumkits and can be used in virtually every drumming style and situation. This unique combination of advantages and applications makes the Black Widow an incredible value and one of the most popular new drum accessories on the market.

Distributed exclusively by Kelley Percussion, the Black Widow is available at leading local drumshops and online today through the Drummer Cafe.