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Brady 30th Anniversary Snare DrumTo celebrate 30 years of drum innovations, Australia's Brady Drums has introduced their limited edition 30th Anniversary Snare Drum. This special instrument is handcrafted in Brady's famed block shell style construction from Australian Myrtle (Nothofagus Cunninghamii), a very dense eastern Australian timber species with an interlocked grain which can grow up to 55 meters (180 feet high).

Each 30th Anniversary snare drum is offered solely in a 14 x 6.5 size and is adorned with a custom mother-of-pearl Brady badge. Only 30 drums are available worldwide and each shell is autographed inside by founder and master drum craftsman Chris Brady and serial-numbered with each year Brady has been making drums (i.e. "`1981", "1982", "1983", etc.).

Kelly Brady, who oversees the Company's US operations, says "Brady Drum Company is proud to have been providing drummers with different and exclusive sounds from our piece of paradise 'down under' for three decades. Chris Brady's focus has always been on crafting unique musical instruments and we have never relied upon bold graphics or ostentatious aesthetics for our drums to stand out - it's all about the sound. Therefore, for our 30th anniversary, we felt it important that we continue our tradition of highlighting the subtle natural beauty in our Australian timbers to create an exclusive drum with understated elegance and truly a great voice.”

To reserve one of the 30 snare drums, please contact your local Brady retailer.

Brady is an Australian manufacturer of handcrafted drums that uses indigenous woods such as Jarrah, Sheoak, Wandoo and Spotted Gum in block and ply configurations. The designs, manufacturing philosophy and procedures are the results of Chris Brady’s 30 years of experience in turning unique Australian hardwoods into percussive gems. A vision that began in one man’s garage has become one of the most desired instruments of players throughout the world, including a client list of more than 400 internationally-known drummers who have purchased one or more Brady drums for their personal collections. For more information, visit www.bradydrums.com.au.

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