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Bruce Becker DVD

Learn the art of drumming with Bruce Becker’s new double instructional DVD, Concepts & Philosophies: A Comprehensive Approach For The Development Of Drum Technique (RRP $34.99). With over four hours of one to one lessons and interviews, Bruce shares his unique perspective, demonstrating how drummers can make definitive changes in their playing by applying three basic principles: Balance, Motion and Use of Gravity.

Master educator, Bruce Becker, has taught or consulted drummers such as David Garibaldi, Jojo Mayer, Daniel Glass and many more. When teaching he draws inspiration and knowledge from his close thirty-year relationship with drumming guru and legend Freddie Gruber and long association with the highly respected teacher Jim Chapin. The clear narrative of the DVD is full of easily digestible insights, from which any drummer, whatever their style, can gain valuable understanding of a better mind / body connection and thus become a more effective player.

This new drum technique DVD takes you through a series of sequential steps, that will break old habits and build new ones that maximize a drummers power, stamina and most importantly, feel. Bruce talks about the importance of the physical position of arms, hands and fingers and how balance, weight shift and posture can affect small changes that result in a natural body movement. In a similar way Bruce also looks at legs ankles and feet to guide you toward a more fluid pedal motion. During the course of the four-hour DVD Bruce discusses the different grips, and demonstrates various exercises to enhance strength and stretch. He also explains how a drummer can develop a good bass drum technique, looks at the finer points of playing a jazz ride cymbal and offers insight into improving flow in tom movement.

Also included are interviews with master jazz drummer and Bruce Becker student, Tony Arco and long time student Mark Shulman (Pink, Cher and Foreigner). Talking about Bruce as a teacher Mark said ‘he has affected my playing since we were teenagers ...he combines an unparalleled sensibility of the anatomy of drumming with a modern understanding of music and feel.’

The conceptual approach offered by Bruce in these DVD drum lessons can yield brilliant results. Put mathematically, Balance + Motion = Emotion This DVD offers an understanding of timing, proper motion, posture and placement. Drummers will unlock emotions, feel and imagination as they gain a greater fluidity and more effective way of playing, whilst improving the harmony between body and drums.

This new DVD is available exclusively through Bruce Becker, for more information please visit www.brucebecker.com.