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Launching on the 30th of April 2014, the CHOPZzz pillowcase helps drummers hone their chops from the comfort of their bed without waking a soul.

CHOPZzz™ is about education, inspiration and styling! It is ideal for

  • Drummers to practice, develop their technique and stimulate creativity without making a racket
  • Turning any sleepless nights into discreet practice sessions, and then sleeping on it
  • Girlfriends or loved ones stuck for drummer gift ideas
  • Touring musicians in need of a portable practice tool
  • Home-owners with an eye on a funky bedroom look

Designed as a mirror image of a drum kit, CHOPZzz™ is suitable for both lefties and righties, with each cymbal doubling as a hi-hat to keep things simple. The British-made product also comes with a 4-page educational booklet complete with a series of rudiments to apply to the kit.

Poised for world drummination, it’s already generating a great buzz amongst players and educa-tors alike. Amongst them, is Colin Woolway, creator of the Drumsense educational programme.

Buck for your bang…
Currently available at www.chopzzz.com as packs of 1 (£15.00) or 2 (£26.00) + P&P and shipping worldwide, selected retailers will soon be stocking the pillowcases too.

CHOPZzz Shot

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