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Muting your cymbals for quiet practicing has always meant sacrificing the feel of playing metal with a stick and compromising on the freedom of being able to play on your entire set-up. Retaining stick rebound, playing the bell, or playing anywhere around the edge of your favorite Crash, China or Splash, that's not really been an option ... until now ...

CYMBOMUTE offers a better, more effective solution.

Cymbomute fits around the rim of your cymbal and is held in place by its own tension. They are available for any size and type of cymbal so you can mute your entire set-up no matter how indulgent your array of splashes, crashes, hi-hats, Chinese and ride cymbals may be. A CYMBOMUTE does not affect the stick rebound from your ride. You will no longer have to worry about cymbal 'pad-aim'. Playing the ride bell on a mambo groove is now not going to offend the neighbors.

Quiet practice feels great with CYMBOMUTE

In this day and age we are increasingly aware of protecting our hearing. CYMBOMUTE is an effective and useful protection product for any drummer, from total beginner to hard practicing pro player. Drum teachers working in music education also have a duty to protect the hearing of aspiring drummers, CYMBOMUTE can be an important and integral part of that duty of care, helping to protect the hearing of both teacher and student.

Each Cymbomute is hand-made in Manchester UK by drummer, Hugh Lawrence. A high quality British-made product — from one drummer to another. Hugh has be sending CYMBOMUTE cymbal mutes to drummers worldwide since early 2013. Hundreds of customers are universally happy, emailing in with positive feedback. They are available in 2 colors, Classic Black or the newly released 'CYMBOMUTE Gold'. Each CYMBOMUTE is made from high specification bespoke 100% British made materials; each mute has the logo proudly emblazoned on the outside, and the cymbal size stamped inside.

Hugh has experimented with different grades of material, different amounts of stretch, several label designs, and many other variables. Now after years of trial, error and refinement he knows that the product is effective, high-quality and long lasting. Once you have the knack of putting them on (without pinging them across the room!) you'll find you can mute your entire set-up within a few seconds, and get practicing!

Cymbomute mutes are available direct from the website cymbomute.com, and from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com. Prices are reasonable, ranging from as little as £7 and up to £14 for individual mutes. They are also available in multi-sets, a 14-16-20 inch set will set you back £25, and a 14-16-18-20 inch set just £33. They are shipped in a compact box, easily delivered through your front door, shipping is free within the UK.

Now for the science bit – why are these so much better? Well, it's simple. When you hit a cymbal, the energy from the stick, brush, or mallet is transferred, some of this energy makes sound. The sound waves generated by the cymbal travel along the surface of the metal, radiating out from the bell to the edge. A CYMBOMUTE arrests the sound-wave by being in the way of the 'exit point' at the edge of the cymbal so the energy and sound is largely absorbed by the CYMBOMUTE. The material used is not too heavy so the cymbal can still move and flex to provide a realistic playing experience. In contrast, heavier rubber-like designs may look similar but are harsh to play, difficult to put on, and they stop cymbals from flexing enough to dissipate impact energy. The familiar flappy neoprene pads actually allow full crash volume for a split second; they reduce stick rebound, are limited to just two sizes and they drift about - leading to distracting 'pad aim'. Simply put, other designs are not as versatile, easy to use and effective as CYMBOMUTE.

Cymbomute Set of 4 - Gold

Reasons Cymbomute is the class leader in Cymbal Mutes:

  • More effective at reducing cymbal volume than other designs.
  • You keep the feel and pleasure of playing real cymbals.
  • They protect the hearing of drummers while they practice.
  • Made for all sizes - Cymbomute your entire cymbal set-up.
  • You keep a true stick rebound from your Ride cymbal.
  • No 'pad aim' so no need to compromise your playing style.
  • They are competitively priced, and are long lasting.
  • They are a high quality, British-made, class leading product.

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