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Jason Barnes - Robotic Arm

Drummer Cafe reported last month that drummer Jason Barnes, who lost his lower right arm in an accident two years ago (January 9, 2012), recently received a new robotic arm invented by Professor Gil Weinberg, founding director of Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology. On March 22, 2014, at the Bailey Performance Center in Kennesaw, Georgia, Barnes performed with a live band, for the first time since receiving his new mechanical arm, in front of an astonished audience.

Prior to his performance, Barnes explained that a few weeks after he had lost his right hand, he fought his boredom by seeing if he could tape a drumstick to his forearm — and still play drums. Although his first few minutes behind the drums gave him "excruciating pain," Barnes said he was inspired to try and continue his drumming passion.

What Barnes wanted to achieve on the drums required far more than what he could do with his makeshift stick attachment. After his drum instructor saw what Barnes was trying to do, he suggested that he would do a lot better and have more control of the drumstick he had some sort of robotic prosthetic. The rest ... as they say ... is history.

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