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PDP Concept Series hardware

Drum Workshop, Inc. has recently announced a completely new line of high-quality, price- conscious drum set hardware under the PDP Concept banner. The line boasts a range of stands and thrones that includes a 2-legged and 3-legged hi-hat, snare stand, straight cymbal stand, boom cymbal stand, and a throne. All of these stands feature heavy-duty steel tubing, double- braced legs, and a new Concept tube joint. Both cymbal stands employ a German-engineered QuickGrip™ clamp that functions as a toothless tilter and, when combined with Concept Series™ QuickGrip™ accessories, becomes a modular system that is highly versatile. DW Product Designer, Ruben Steinhauser, comments, “We’ve put a lot of thought into these new Concept stands. We knew there was a price consideration, but we didn’t want that to limit the quality or features. It’s a delicate balance.”

When combined with available Concept Series™ QuickGrip™ hardware accessories, the cymbal stands can easily, and inexpensively, be turned into multi-cymbal stands, percussion stands, microphone stands, fixed hi-hat stands, and more. Steinhauser continues, “The entire system provides a variety of useful mounting options for cymbals, sounds, drums, and mountable percussion instruments. It truly is a modular system.”

The Concept Series™ snare stand is a robust workhorse that includes an offset ball-and-socket basket adjustment for exact snare placement. Both of the chain-pulled hi-hat stands are outfitted with slotted tension adjustments and XF™ (extended) footboards. To complete the line, an all-new heavy-duty throne with a contoured, active mesh top was also added.

To see the full line of all-new Concept Series™ pedals, hardware, and accessories, visit: www.dwdrums.com.

Retail prices are as follows:
PDCBC00 Convertible Cymbal Stand $136.99
PDCSC00 Straight Cymbal Stand $127.99
PDHHC20 2-Legged Hi-Hat Stand $199.99
PDHHC00 3-Legged Hi-Hat Stand $181.99
PDSSC00 Snare Stand $145.99
PDDTC00 Throne $181.99