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Floratone II

Frisell's Collaborative Project Comes Hot On The Heels Of The Success of His Lauded Collection Of John Lennon Songs "All We Are Saying"

Floratone, the collaborative ensemble known for creating a sound described as "futuristic roots music," is back with FLORATONE II – the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut and their first for Savoy Jazz. Floratone features the core group of Bill Frisell on guitar, Matt Chamberlain on drums and percussion and producers Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine. Together they continue to further the spirit of composition and improvisation born in a Seattle studio back in 2005. It's a fertile collaboration they've nurtured and maintained over the years, utilizing a distinctive methodology of inspiration with Bill and Matt laying down musical themes and assemblage, and Lee and Tucker with various accompaniment, adding and augmenting the compositions into a fantastic groove. With the additional contributions of cornetist Ron Miles, viola/violin player Eyvind Kang (both featured on Floratone's debut), bassist Mike Elizondo and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion, Floratone has taken their signature sound to a new level. Bill Frisell will be touring throughout the year (tour dates below). FLORATONE II is available March 6th on Savoy Jazz.

Given the tremendous pool of talent appearing on FLORATONE II, it's not surprising that the thirteen tracks that make up the album are redolent with musicality that spans many genres and perspectives. Floratone is anchored by Bill Frisell whose identifiable guitar sound remains pliable and enables him to perform alongside an A-list of players within and outside of the jazz idiom and drummer/percussionist Matt Chamberlain who has performed alongside diverse artists such as Fiona Apple, Pearl Jam, Tori Amos and the Wallflowers to name a few. When you then add producers and side players who have performed in every musical niche imaginable, it's almost miraculous that it all comes together as a cohesive whole.

FLORATONE II Track Listing:

  1. The Bloom Is On
  2. More Pluck
  3. Snake, Rattle
  4. Parade
  5. Not Over Ever
  6. Move
  7. Do You Have It?
  8. The Time, The Place
  9. No Turn Back
  10. The Time, The Place (Part 2)
  11. Gimme Some
  12. Grin And Bite
  13. Stand By This

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