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Butch Miles

Butch Miles was diagnosed the first week of March 2014 with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which has no treatment other than a lung transplant.

After a lot of evaluation and testing, Butch was accepted as a candidate for a transplant at the Methodist Hospital at the Houston Medical Center. Due to critical timing Butch and Linda recently took up temporary residency last Friday (July 18th) in Houston, Texas awaiting a call from the transplant team. The total time waiting for a transplant donor and the post transplant care could be several months or more with follow up visits regularly for up to a year. Because of their loss of income, added living expenses and incurred medical costs, we (Austin Jazz Society) are part of a group of concerned friends that are involved to raise funds to help them offset these additional expenses. Our goal is to raise $24,000.

Tom Van Tassel, President of the Board of Directors for the Austin Jazz Society, writes "Bart, I asked Butch for a list of close friends and acquaintances that would likely have a large network that could be informed and encouraged to help contribute towards raising funds for his cause."

The Austin Jazz Society has set up a webpage on the AJS website to communicate what they are doing to help Butch and his wife, Linda, as well as make it easier for people to make a contribution.

The campaign began on Saturday, July 19th; they have raised $2,500 to date. In addition to the website campaign, The Austin Jazz Society is planning several fundraising concerts for Butch in the Austin, Texas area.

To make a tax deductible contribution and get periodic updates on both the upcoming concerts and fundraising progress, visit www.austinjazzsociety.org/ButchMilesFundraiser.html.

UPDATE 10/2/2014

Butch Miles received a phone call in the afternoon of July 28 to come immediately to the hospital. At 3:00 a.m. the following morning, July 29th, he came out of surgery with a new lung. Two weeks later he was released from the hospital and has been making a great recovery and progress as both he and his wife, Linda, learn about all the new life style changes that accompany a lung transplant.

The response of donations to the fundraiser has been incredible from fans and friends from all over the world.  The goal was to raise $24,000 and to date the fundraising activity including two concerts here in the Austin, TX area has raised a total of $35,832.  Additionally, there has been some assistance opportunities from foundations and other organizations which are helping with some of the temporary living expenses in Houston, TX.

Many people have sent notes and encouraging cards which have been very much appreciated by Butch and Linda.

They are following a very strict regimen prescribed by the transplant team and it is paying big dividends as evident by his progress.  At this rate, Butch is planning to be released to return to his home in Buda, TX by the end of the year.

Looking forward, there will need to be some accommodations made to Butch's home and ongoing lifestyle. With the help from so many, Butch is confident that he will continue to make progress and return to the bandstand and teaching in the very near future.

Butch and Linda would like to express their gratitude and thanks for all of your help to get the word out through your networks and the prayers and gifts they have received from so many concerned fans and friends.