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Gauger Percussion - The Knocker

The Knocker™, which is only available through Gauger Percussion, Inc., expands the sound possibilities within a snare drum.

With its steel hoop and wood hoop insert, The Knocker™ gives extra pop to cross sticks and rim shots without drastically changing the overall sound of your snare drum.

The textures and sounds to be explored around a drum set are vast, and drummers are always interested in finding ways to get more out of their kits.  Using a wood hoop instead of steel is one way to change the way a snare drum sounds.  But what if you only want certain elements of both? The Knocker™ combines the best elements of steel and wood counter hoops in one elegant innovation.

A full wood hoop can drastically change the overall sound of a snare drum.  With the Knocker™, cross sticks along the plied maple insert become rich and woody, while rim shots have that extra pop, and the drum's overall sound is not altered.

The Knocker™ is a full hoop, combining a 2.3 steel counter hoop and a plied maple section with lengths spanning your choice of 2 or 3 lug points on your snare drum.  The choice between the wood hoop spanning two or three lugs is mainly one of playing comfort.  They are available for 13" 8 lug, 14" 8 lug, and 14" 10 lug drums.

The Knocker™ is available for 13-inch (8-lug only) and 14-inch (8 or 10-lug) snare drums, with a choice of the wood section spanning two or three lugs. Prices range between $50-60 USD with free shipping within the United States. For more information or to purchase, visit www.gaugerpercussion.com.


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