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HammeraxHammerax has released a line of 4-sided bells that are loud and aggressive and come in a variety of sizes including 5", 6", 7" and 8".

Nu brand Bells have a patented micro cups design that can be raked for special effect and when hit they have super tone with great sustain. They can be dark and loud when needed. Mount multiple Nu bells opposing each other or you can mount a 3 bell tree with cymbal felts in between. They are very versatile and can be mounted upside down or in any position.

"NU brand bells deviate from traditional shape and are four-sided.  The four-sided feature creates multiple fundamentals that add a wild edgy sound but still fits many styles. 4 sides also allow for easier access to the main cymbal cup, below, when NU bells are mounted upside down," said Hammerax President, John Stannard.

Hammerax NU Bell

4 year Limited Warranty. Made in the USA. Available immediately.

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