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K Zildjian Brilliant Crash RideThe Avedis Zildjian Company is proud to introduce two new Crash Ride cymbals in the K Zildjian Series. The 21 and 22-inch K Crash Rides feature a Brilliant Finish and a medium-thin weight. These new models now become Zildjian's largest Crash cymbals available and offer an explosive Crash sound.

The 21 and 22-inch K Zildjian Crash Rides were developed with Zak Starkey who has been using them in his set-ups with The Who and Oasis since 2000. These cymbals help Zak create the "wall of sound" he needs when playing with both bands. While adding a dynamic visual impact, Zildjian's Brilliant Finish also helps to smooth out the sound and add extra high-end sparkle. The K Zildjian Crash Rides open up quickly and are excellent for "shouldering" with the stick.

Based on the famed cymbals that Kerope Zildjian made in the 19th Century, the K Zildjian Series has been updated and improved to meet contemporary demands. Extensive hammering and fine lathing creates warmer sounding cymbals with even more responsiveness and versatility.

Once thought of as primarily a jazz cymbal, K Zildjians are becoming the favorites of rock and pop drummers as well.

Read more about and hear the new 21 and 22-inch K Zildjian Crash Rides at www.zildjian.com/kbrilliant.

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