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Leo Ciesa - Coat of Arms

New York City based drummer, composer and educator, Leo Ciesa, has released a new CD of solo drumset compositions entitled Coat of Arms.

On Coat of Arms, Leo Ciesa displays his powerful, melodic, polyrhythmic, compositional and virtuosic drumming. He is perhaps best known for the hardcore jazz duo ICONOCLAST which he co-founded with saxophonist Julie Joslyn, and for being a longtime member of Nick Didkovsky's 8 piece avant-rock ensemble DOCTOR NERVE. Here he plays twenty-two distinct solo pieces on a basic traditional drumset without any overdubbing or layering. The drawing together with the title, reflect his interest in seeing and hearing beyond the obvious. Creativity, curiosity, emotionality and spontaneity characterize this iconoclastic and highly personal work. This is the "Coat of Arms" of Leo Ciesa.

The instruments used on the CD — vintage Slingerland kit with 12", 13" and 18" tom toms, a 22" bass drum, Ludwig 14" snare, plus assorted cymbals, as well as a 6" roto-tom and 14" tom on select pieces.