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Los Cabos DrumsticksCanada's Los Cabos Drumsticks has reached an exclusive distribution agreement with UK distributors Summerfield Musical Instruments Ltd. of Blaydon on Tyne, England. The agreement gives Summerfield Musical Instruments Ltd exclusive distribution rights for all Los Cabos Drumsticks products in the UK and Ireland.

Larry Guay, president of Los Cabos Drumsticks said, "We're just finalising the negotiations now. It promises to be a favorable agreement for both parties."

Summerfield Musical Instruments Ltd. is one of the UK's longest established musical instrument distributors. Their range include D'Addario fretted and bowed strings, C.F. Martin and Darco strings, Evans drum heads, HQ Percussion, Onboard Research, Kaces and Reunion Blues instrument covers, and CSL guitar and accessories. Summerfield representative Sean Murtagh was very excited about the deal. "Part of my mandate at Summerfield is to introduce new and innovative products to the market, as well as implementing the company's growth plans and sustaining Summerfield's service to over 1,200 UK dealers," he said. "Bringing in Los Cabos drumsticks certainly fits that mandate. I've handed out some samples to retailers, and as soon as they touch them, they comment on the quality. They've all said the sticks feel good, and they all believe the product will do well in the UK."

Murtagh went on to say that he knew it would take a little time to firmly establish the line in the UK. However, the excellent quality of Los Cabos sticks, combined with Summerfield's competitive pricing, will ensure its popularity with UK drummers.

"People in the UK are creatures of habit, and a new product has to be exceptional before they will accept it. Los Cabos Drumsticks offer sticks made from red hickory, something unique to the market which I'm confident all drummers will love."

Red hickory is taken from the heart of the tree, a part that has been normally overlooked by other manufacturers due to availability and cost. "There is only a small percentage of it that can be used, and that makes it more expensive," says Lonnie Jones, Los Cabos' Public Relations representative. "We found that it makes excellent drumsticks. It is more durable than other woods, and has a very aesthetically pleasing look, so we chose to integrate it into our product line."

Says Murtagh, "We are delighted to offer this to the UK market. I gave a pair to my drummer who is a heavy hitter, with arms like Popeye, to try out; he hardly dented them. With quality like that, the world's our oyster!"

For more information, visit their web site at www.loscabosdrumsticks.com.