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Los CabosLos Cabos Drumsticks is pleased to announce the latest addition to their growing catalogue. The Los Cabos Shotgun features a double butt-end with a diameter of 0.580” and a length of 16.0”.

Available in white hickory only, this latest product from Canada’s best known stick manufacturer was designed to meet the needs of both kit players and the percussionists alike.

"The Shotgun goes beyond the practicality of a standard drumstick," said Matt Carter, Director of Marketing for Los Cabos Drumsticks. "While the double butt-end design has been the top choice for many hard-hitters over the years, it has also proven to be a popular stick for percussionists playing on a variety of surfaces from buckets to bells. With so many players incorporating new sounds into their set-ups, The Shotgun is less of a standard drumstick and more of a multifaceted percussion tool for everyone’s stick bag."

Shotguns are now available for shipping and have a suggested retail price of $8.95.

Los Cabos - Shotgun


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