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Tommy Lee - Zero-G Motley Crue Cruecifly

Keeping Tommy Lee supplied with drumsticks throughout a Mötley Crüe show is an important job. That's one thing at ground level, but upside-down at 60 feet in the air, well that's another thing. The gravity, plus motion & vibration, would defeat any other stick holder. But not the Zero-G® Drumstick Holder by Maxonix®, it's the ultimate drumstick holder.

Tommy Lee is an amazing drummer who can play upside-down. As if that wasn't impressive enough by itself, Tommy goes further, drumming while in motion & at the same time spinning head over heels, all while hanging 60 feet in the air above the crowd. It's what Tommy calls the CRÜECIFLY. He's an absolute master of unrivaled entertainment & showmanship.

Sticks do get dropped once in a while. But the show must go on, without missing a beat! That's why Tommy trusts the Zero-G drumstick holders from Maxonix to keep him supplied with sticks through the entire show, from stage level to mid-air flips & beyond, the Zero-G keeps working at any angle.

Tommy's enthusiastic response after his first tour with the Zero-G's was, “They're GREAT! They never let me down.” That's why his Zero-G stick holders have been around the world with him on 3 consecutive tours.

Tommy only uses the absolute best drum gear. Plus, it needs to be tough enough to endure the punishment of extreme touring conditions & keep working reliably night after night. Again, the Zero-G is up to the challenge. Tommy uses 5 Zero-G stick holders around his kit, so there's always a new stick to grab fast, right where he needs it.

It's the FINAL Mötley Crüe tour, ever, and Tommy is making it a truly legendary must-see event. No other drummer in history has ever put on a show to rival Tommy's theatrics & awesome gravity defying playing skills. It's Crüe's grand finale & when there's this much at stake, you want everything to be perfect. That's why Tommy Lee uses Zero-G drumstick holders.

ABOUT the ZERO-G® Drumstick Holder:
The Zero-G® drumstick holder is a premium stick holder that can be mounted almost anywhere around a drum kit, including upside-down, due to its versatility & adjustability. Even once it's locked in place, sticks may be positioned at varying angles. It's the ultimate stick holder used by drummers in all styles of music, from beginners to pros, from rehearsal to studio & live. It's been used at the Grammy Awards, on TV & at the Royal Albert Hall. Tough construction & replaceable clips keep it working year after year. It's survived tours with: Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe), Ray Luzier (Korn), John Blackwell (Prince), Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean), Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall & Anthrax), Derek Roddy (Serpents Rise), Daru Jones (Jack White), Johnny Rabb (Collective Soul), and many more.

Maxonix® designs & manufactures an expanding range of highly innovative accessories for musicians. All products are 100% Made in the USA and sold around the world. Maxonix is headquartered in Tampa, FL.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the quartet—Vince Neil (vocals), Mick Mars (guitars), Nikki Sixx (bass) and Tommy Lee (drums)—has commandeered the rock pantheon for over 30 years. In that time, they have accumulated worldwide album sales exceeding 80 million, seven platinum or multi-platinum albums, 22 Top 40 mainstream rock hits, six Top 20 pop singles, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, three Grammy nominations, four New York Times bestsellers (including the band’s biography, THE DIRT) and countless sold out tours across the globe, playing to millions of fans. Motley Crue was the first rock band in history to have completed an epic sold-out Las Vegas residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The band continues to remain on the forefront of entertainment reinventing themselves via not only their music but also their mind blowing live shows featuring never seen before elements, such as Tommy Lee’s CRÜECIFLY drum roller coaster. Motley Crue was featured in KIA MOTORS’ award winning 2012 Super Bowl commercial. In January 2014 the band announced their FINAL TOUR (the 2014 leg of which was presented by Dodge and produced by Live Nation) which will run through 2015 and span major cities across the globe. They also announced their bestselling biography, THE DIRT being made into a movie directed by Jeff Tremaine and anticipated to be in theaters in 2015.