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Now a class leader in cymbal practice mutes, Cymbomute has been a fast growing global brand since 2013. Cymbomute practice mutes allow drummers to retain the use and feel of their REAL cymbals when volume is a constraint. Simply stretch the mute around the cymbal rim, let the ready-to-go centre fold develop, and you’re ‘back to bronze’! No more ‘pad aim’, no more ‘rubbery rebound’ — just play.

Great for hearing protection, great for neighbour relations, great for in-building sound travel, but best of all — you can practice on the same cymbals you perform on.

In 2013 we brought you the original Cymbomute. 2014 saw the launch of Cymbomute GOLD. A recent development was the popular change to dual sizing; now each mute fits two cymbal sizes.

Cymbomute WideRide

On August 1, 2015 (drum roll please), the company is launching the Cymbomute WIDE RIDE™ — the latest product from Cymbomute Ltd. While the standard Cymbomute is 50mm in width, the new the WIDE RIDE™ mute has a 100mm width of cymbal muting material — giving even more volume reduction for cymbals sized 18 to 24 inches. In combination with the original Cymbomute & Cymbomute GOLD, drummers can now attenuate cymbal volume, optimize their practice, and enjoy (quietly!) playing their treasured cymbals.

Cymbomute remains a 100% British made, high quality product. Available to fit cymbals from 6-inches to 24-inches, cymbal mutes may be purchased individually or in multi-packs. Join the thousands of drummers from around the world that use Cymbomute — find Cymbomute at Amazon.com or visit www.cymbomute.com.

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