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Nobody Sounds Like You

Illustrated Children’s Book is the Perfect Gift for the Future Musician

Andy Ziker (author) and Jo Anne Ramirez (illustrator) have just released Devan Plays the Drums, the first in a series of picture books called Nobody Sounds Like You. This book of fiction borrows from the musical upbringings of both Ziker and Ramirez to build a funny, touching, and inspirational tale for the little drummer in all of us. The illustrations are cute, bright, and attention-grabbing.

Synopsis: As a young child, Devan’s clumsiness unexpectedly leads to his discovery of the beautiful sound of percussion. He overcomes real-life obstacles, including his mother’s dislike of “all of that noise” and an uncooperative band teacher, to pursue the art of drumming.

Audience: Although the book targets children from age 6-12 years old, the book is also ideal for:

  • Music stores who carry novelty/gift items.
  • Parents looking to interest their children in music.
  • Elementary school teachers–The book is rich in vocabulary, uses onomatopoeia, and encourages individuality.
  • General music teachers–Optimal for integrated thematic instruction.
  • Drum instructors–Billy “Sticks” Nicks, a real-life drum teacher in South Bend, IN, is an influential character in the book.

Availability: Nobody Sounds Like You: Devan Plays the Drums is currently available as a paperback for $9.95 and an ebook (Kindle edition) for $2.99 on amazon.com.

About Andy Ziker

Andy Ziker is a 30-year drumming veteran who has devoted his life to performing, teaching and enticing others to join the ranks. Andy has given drum lessons at Linton-Milano Music in Mesa, Arizona for the last 23 years.

Recently, Andy has published articles in Modern Drummer magazine, Drum! magazine, the websites Drummer Café and OnlineDrummer.com, and the Destructoid blog. He established a Preschool Drumset Program at the Barness East Valley Jewish Community Center in Chandler, Arizona. He has published five instructional drumming books: Drumscapes, Drumcraft, Drum Aerobics, Daily Drum Warm-Ups, and Drumset for Preschoolers.

Andy currently plays in many music groups, all in the jazz or rock realm. He also teaches percussion at Self Development Charter School in Mesa, Arizona.

About Jo Anne Ramirez

Jo has been a creative writer and fine artist for the past 23 years. Her interest in creative work inspired her to seek an education in design. After completing a design certification, she continued on for a Bachelor of Science and Design from Arizona State University.

Jo has been a freelance artist for the past eight years, while working with elementary school children as a front office administrator at a small charter school in Mesa, Arizona. During that time she also spent two years teaching art. Overall, Jo has 20 years’ experience as a drummer and understands the challenges and rewards of being a musician as well as raising them.

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