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Organic Custom Drums - OverSize seriesOrganic Custom Drums Announces the OverSize Series™, Limited Edition Modular Floating Shell™  Snare Drums.

OverSize Series™ drums feature special reinforced lug assemblies manufactured from CNC machined hardened steel and aluminum components, extra-thick segmented mahogany and brass drum shells, special roundover top / 45 degree bottom bearing edges to maximize body and resonance, PureSound Custom 20 strand snare wires, and extra wide and deep snare beds for optimum snare response and articulation.

"Everything about this drum is heavy-duty," said Artie Eaton, Director of Business Relations and Product Development. "The OverSize Series is designed for drummers who demand an extremely rugged, road-worthy snare drum that won't be subject to component failures or need continual maintenance." Eaton continued, "Like all Organic Custom snare drums, the OverSize Series features the Modular Floating Shell design, which gives drummers the flexibility to quickly swap shells for different snare drum sounds. Customers will be able to swap the top brass shell with a wide selection of wood and metal shells to customize their sound for different playing situations. Also, the upgraded components and engineering enhancements give heavy hitters the added confidence that their drum will hold up night after night."

A limited number of OverSize Series™ snare drums will be produced. Each drum is hand-crafted in USA, numbered, dated, and signed, and features a unique lug assembly manufactured solely for the OverSize Series™. Street price is $1,249.00.

Visit organic-drums.com for more information.