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Organic Custom DrumsOrganic Custom Drums will introduce several new snare drum designs at the Southern Drum Show, which takes place in Nashville, TN, Saturday July 18th and Sunday July 19th, 2009. Among the snare drums being displayed at the show will be the all-new "Zebra" drum, which features single-ply, steam-bent Zebrano wood shells with 45 degree bearing edges, and a center ring hand crafted from maple with an outer ply of Zebrano wood. The Zebra also features custom steel tube lugs in alternating black and white finishes, Trick GS007 throwoff, black nickel die cast hoops, and Organic Custom Drums' patent pending Dual Floating Shell design.

Additional designs from Organic Custom Drums available at the Southern Drum show include hybrid models featuring combination aluminum/maple and brass/walnut configurations, mixed-wood models featuring birch and maple shell combinations as well as solid-shell and ply-shell combinations for a wide variety of sound options. "We are very excited about the opportunity to present our Dual Floating Shell snare drums at the Southern Drum Show and to enter our Zebra drum in the Snare Drum Olympics," said Artie Eaton, Director of Business Relations at Organic Custom Drums. "We feel we can offer drummers a wide variety of sound choices with the new hybrids and the mixed wood shell designs, as well as the flexibility to quickly swap shells for a cost-effective way to change your snare sound," added Mr. Eaton.

Most of the drums exhibited by Organic Custom Drums will be available for sale at the Southern Drum Show at special show pricing. Anyone purchasing an Organic Custom Drums snare drum at the Southern Drum Show will receive a free 6-ply maple drum shell and an Organic Custom Drums t-shirt with their purchase.

For more information visit www.organicdrums.biz