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The Professional Drum Teachers Guild is dedicated to building long-term instructional relationships with students through trust, encouragement, consistency, sound drumming principles and high standards. “Providing quality drum instruction is key,” said Fullard. “But it’s more than that. Quality instruction means consistency and care, and helping our students go as far as their talent, imagination and drive carries them.“

Although an active partnership, The Professional Drum Teachers Guild is quick to point out they’re not interested in taking work from other instructors. “We’re not a corporation and don’t believe in putting anyone out of business,” said Fullard. “We share the same instructional philosophy and goals, so reaching these goals is more achievable through this organization.”

Even after forming the guild, Fullard says guild members aren’t resting on their laurels. “This is a way of life for us, not some kind of teaching one-off. We’re committed to raising the bar and earning the trust of students and consumers by putting their welfare and education at the forefront.”


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