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Protection Racket TZ3016

Protection Racket adds new combined Snare and Pedal Back Pack cases to their extensive range of protective bags for drummers traveling and gigging with their kits. These innovative additions help protect the driving force of a drum kit and mean that a drummer can travel light to a gig and not compromise on their unique sound and groove.

Many drummers, when asked, would say that their snare drum and pedal were two of the most essential parts of their kit, along with their cymbals and throne. With the Snare & Single Back Pack Pedal Case (TZ3015 RRP £83.99/€97.58/$12799) and Snare & Double Pedal Case (TZ3016 RRP £106.99/€124.30/$162,99), Protection Racket have ensured that any drummer can safely take the bare minimum with them and still retain the main elements of their own distinct sound.

Both cases can easily accommodate a 14” snare up to a depth of 7” in a snug and safe fleecy Propile environment. There is even an internal Propile separator to keep spare drum heads, plus there’s a zipped pocket, 14” x 6” x 2” where you can keep a splash / hi-hat cymbals or even spare snare wires and drum keys.

The case comes with an extra compartment for a single or double pedal. This is attached to the base of the snare case, it can be unzipped all the way round for easy entry and exit of the pedal, but it is not detachable so will always be where it was last left.

Each come with a carrying handle on the lid, a padded shoulder strap and padded backpack straps to make transportation as easy and flexible as possible. Made of rugged Racketex, padded with Propadd and lined with Propile, a drummer’s all important snare and pedal will be sheltered and safeguarded from the perils of travel These hardwearing bags come complete with unbreakable zips, waterproof backings luggage tags and the immediately recognisable ‘cool dude’ logo.

The new bags will be shipping worldwide from October 2013. To find out more go to www.protectionracket.co.uk where you will also find a full range of cymbal cases including the Deluxe Cymbal Case Trolley (PR6021T) – Have Case – Can Travel!

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