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RBH Mahogany ShellsA modern revival of a classic drum design, the RBH Drum Company’s Monarch Series is among a growing number of contemporary drums using a 3-ply drumshell made with Mahogany inner and outer plies. Unlike many drums that employ thicker, denser, heavier shell materials and construction, the Monarch Series is said to produce a deep, dark, warm, punchy, thicker and tighter drum sound that is low in pitch with naturally controlled resonance, extremely musical and relevant for a wide range of drumming situations.

Mahogany was one of the preferred drum making materials in the early days of the American drum industry. However, by the middle of the 20th Century, Maple and Birch began to replace Mahogany as the “go-to” woods for drum building because they were plentiful, easy to work with and capable of producing the articulation, decay and tonal characteristics that were considered more appropriate for emerging rock, punk and metal styles. At the same time, suppliers were unable to keep up with the skyrocketing demand for premium-quality Central American, South American and African Mahogany and the wood’s reputation was weakened by the use of a lower grade Asian “Luan” Mahogany in mass-produced, entry-level drumkits.

In recent years, as drummers and drum builders have continued to search for alternative drum materials and a wider range of drum sounds, Mahogany’s increased availability, collectability and unique tonal qualities as well as its connection to the Golden Age of drumming have begun to restore its image and popularity among drum makers and players. RBH Monarch drums are made using only premium-grade African Mahogany— combining the renewed popularity of Mahogany drums with the company’s modern drum making abilities.

To learn more visit an authorized RBH drum dealer or www.rbhdrumsusa.com.