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Maxonix StickARK

Maxonix has redefined the drumstick holder, again. Following the huge success of their high-end Zero-G stick holder, Maxonix has responded successfully to customer requests by creating another entirely new & innovative stick holder design, that both holds more sticks & costs less - great for drummers on a tight budget. Drumstick holders haven't changed much in hundreds of years, UNTIL NOW!

Old tube (aka "bucket") style stick holders have a long list of disadvantages & provide barely adequate solutions that drummers have been forced to put up with. Finally, there's something better. Maxonix has created the first true breakthroughs in drumstick holder design.

StickARK™ is a Kick Mount 4x Drumstick Holder with an innovative design that's easy, affordable & very effective! It perfectly positions 4 sticks right in front of a drummer (on kick/bass drum) with easy-grab spacing between sticks for quick & convenient retrieval & insertion. So, when a drummer needs a fresh stick due to a break, style change, drop, or to replace sticks thrown to fans, StickARK™ makes it fast & easy. StickARK™ holds all popular stick sizes & works with all "standard" 8-10 lug kick drums. It stops stick rattle & keeps sticks accurately lined up. Uses fast, simple tool-free attachment that auto-forms a custom fit on each kick drum. (Patents pending).

Another unique design breakthrough makes StickARK™ the world's first stick holder you can drive a car over & still use. Even drop it out of a top-floor hotel window with no damage.

Features at a glance:

  • Fits - all popular stick sizes
  • Fast - close to your hands
  • Quiet - stop stick rattle
  • Accurate - sticks line up
  • Easy - grab-it stick spacing
  • Simple - tool-free attachment
  • Custom Fit - on all standard 8-10 lug kick drums
  • Dual Locking Wings = secure
  • Safe - for drum & sticks (no metal edges, no adhesive, removable)
  • Gig-Ready - stays on drum for easy transport and instant setup, even in a case
  • Shock Mounted - for stability


Available directly from the Maxonix website at www.maxonix.com, and, for a limited time, at a special introductory price of only $9.95, with FREE shipping (US orders only). Regular price is $11.99, also with free US shipping.

ABOUT the ZERO-G drumstick holder:

The Zero-G drumstick holder is used around the world by all styles of drummers, from beginners to top pros, in the studio & on the road. It's been on stage at the Grammy Awards & the Royal Albert Hall, & has toured with: Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Ray Luzier (Korn), John Blackwell (Prince), Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean), Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall & Anthrax), Derek Roddy (Serpents Rise), Daru Jones (Jack White), Johnny Rabb (Collective Soul), and many more. It's used by drummers in 11 different countries.


Maxonix specializes in designing & manufacturing top-quality innovative accessories for musicians. All products are 100% Made in the USA and sold around the world. Maxonix is headquartered in Tampa, FL.

For more information, please visit www.maxonix.com, or call (813) 932-3499.