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ALS survivor and clinical psychologist, Dr. Craig Oster, will host an event to thank his sponsors. The Craig Oster Extravaganza will be held in February 2011 and will feature 6-Year-Old Julian Pavone, "The World's Youngest Drummer and Inventor!"® who will also help sponsor the event.

Dr. Craig Oster was diagnosed with ALS in 1994.  He was told that he would likely die within 3 to 5 years.  From that time, Dr. Oster set himself on a healing quest that has been deep, profound, and transformative.  Fourteen years later, in 2008, after eventually losing 45 pounds of muscle, he entered hospice barely able to breathe.  Even so, Dr. Oster was determined to heal and did not give up. With determination and much loving support, he eventually improved and was able to leave hospice.  He has continued to do well and in August 2010, at the ePharmacy and Athletes with Disabilities Network (ADN) Golf Invitational, Dr. Oster was honored with a Rockstar Lifetime Achievement Award for his amazing commitments and contributions.

Dr. Oster is exceptionally mindful of what he puts into his body.  He researches studiously to choose products that provide optimal healing value.  He does everything possible to assist the natural innate healing forces within his body. He shares his knowledge and inspires hope on the "Healing with Dr. Craig" website and "The Dr. Craig Blog Show".

Dr. Craig Oster's sponsors include: Julian Pavone Enterprises, LLC, Sunfood, SunWarrior, Life Ionizers, Derek Weber (Field Representative for Standard Process), Yvonne Walsh (Independent Juice Plus Distributor), Barlow Herbals, Gesundheit Marine Phytoplankton, Dr. Patrick J. Offman, Power Organics, Inc., Ionic Oasis, LLC, Web Ascender, Dr. Jay Sandweiss, 5 Year Web Hosting, Preston Cartoons and Design/Prestoons, Betty's Buttons and T-shirts, Dayne Mentier and Terrie MacNicol.

Julian Pavone, "The World's Youngest Drummer and Inventor!"® has appeared on more than 100 Television and News shows, including "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "Good Morning America", "The Maury Show", "Martha Stewart", "Inside Edition", "MSNBC", "WGN", "FOX News Dayside", "Good Company" and Japan's #1 television show, "Amazing Stories", twice. He has also starred in a television show pilot, "Finding Julian's Band"®, created by Rocky Seprino and had a documentary about him produced by Korea's Seoul Broadcasting Systems. He plays a 22-piece custom drum set with 17 cymbals and has received worldwide media coverage with more than 10,000 newspaper and magazine articles published about him.

Julian has received numerous honors and awards, including "Maury's Most Talented Kid" of 2009 on The Maury Show, "The 2007 Rock and Roll Lifetime Achievement Award", and a Special Declaration of Tribute from the State of Michigan.  He has been featured in "Ripley's Believe it or Not", and was one of the performers in the "288 Hour Assembly Line Concert" that won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for "The Longest Concert by Multiple Artists."  He was Muscular Dystrophy Association's Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for 2009.  He also serves as The Miracle League of Michigan's Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for 2009-2010 and was recently named Athlete's with disabilities Network (ADN)'s Honorary Global Ambassador.

Most recently, Julian was named Macomb-Oakland Regional Center (MORC)'s Global Ambassador. MORC is a human services agency that serves 5,000 people with disabilities in Southeastern Michigan.  They are internationally known for pioneering the human rights movement of getting people with disabilities out of institutions and into homes in the community.  In this role, Julian will use the world stage to spread the word about the abilities of people with disabilities as well as the challenges they face.