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SoulTone Cymbals

Soultone Cymbals, makers of the new generation of hand-crafted Turkish brass cymbals, introduced its new "Gospel" line at the 2009 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, with major attention for the musicians in attendance. As a younger company with an experienced team behind them, their mission was to solve the issue of harsh sounding, inconsistent, and bulk produced cymbals. Soultone Cymbals are created with original Turkish master craftsmanship combined with the company's own special B-20™ formula and their latest hammering techniques to achieve superior wide-spectrum sound.

The company was founded in 2003 by the legendary drummer, percussionist, and entrepreneur, Iki Levy, after struggling to address frustrations with the major cymbal manufacturers over quality issues. "I wanted to use the best products possible, and I had the opportunities, but I was not happy with anything those companies were producing - even with my product endorsements," reports Iki who is also the company CEO. "The blend of the metals we use is our own process that employs a balance of proper weight and tone properties. This creates the real difference between Soultone Cymbals and any other brand."

Iki's performances include studio work with Thomas Dolby, Jann Arden, Midge Ure, Paula Abdul, Tracy Chapman, Donna Summer and the now cult-hit, Disney's High School Musical 1 and 2, as well as many others. His approach crosses over each style and genre of music when it comes to sound quality. Originally, as the proprietor of the Los Angeles, CA drum specialty shop, The Drum Connection, he put his first Soultone models on the showroom floor with actual drums so that customers could try them as opposed to hanging them on a display. "The reaction was huge," Iki continues, "and I could not produce them fast enough to meet the demand for even my own shop. I was not afraid to have high standards and wanted to create the very best quality." Iki maintains a strict "120% perfection" policy in that each cymbal must meet his own specific quality controls. He does not sell anything that is not already exceeding expectations - if it is not perfect; it goes back to his facility.

No matter what style or sound is desired by the performer, Soultone Cymbals deliver both traditional and modern sounds with less effort, more control, and, of course, beautiful, musical, rich tone that makes the drummer want to play longer - and play better. The "touch" and feel is unique and has a more responsive bounce to the stick allowing for improved precision without washing out the dynamics of the performance.

Custom & Custom Brilliant Series
Beautiful, versatile, precision hammered cymbals for any performance or studio situation

Extreme Series
Heavier weights and precision ToneReflexTM hammering produce darker, deeper, warm tone

Vintage Series
Deeper lathing with extra hammering, and the SuperStrokeTM finish produce a more traditional, "old school" sound

FXO Series
Featuring properly placed openings and the option of jingles or rivets to produce stunning effects over a brilliant finish.

NEW! Gospel Series
Beautifully brilliant finishes and raw, heavily hammered oversized PowerToneTM bells have faster attack, a bright, clean attack and warm sustain

COMING SOON! Latin Series
Stay tuned for more information

Iki's philosophies go beyond the sound of Soultone Cymbals and include his dedication to the up-and-coming performers as well as the established ones. "After years of supporting our drummers in the store, I developed a very simple philosophy: Treat everyone equally and with respect. After all, the beginners of today may be the legends of tomorrow," Iki reflects, "and I am was lucky enough to have my choice of just about anything at a point when I could already afford it. I believe that our artists are our best way to build our reputation and our brand."

The company has a rapidly growing roster of respected artists - from nearly every genre and style of music - as their reputation for superior tone, feel and outstanding personal attention establishes them as the new force in percussion products for the every generation of drummer searching for their "soul mates."

About Soultone Cymbals
Established in 2003 by legendary drummer and percussionist, Iki Levy, after successfully producing and marketing his superior designs in Los Angeles, California, Soultone Cymbals offer superior sound, feel and performance with excellent artist support for today's most demanding performers. Soultone Cymbals are available through their global network of musical instrument retailers and specialty dealers including Drum Connection, Memphis Music, Chad Sexton's Drum City, Robin's Drumworks, DrumCity/GuitarLand, B&B Music and Sound, The Chicago Music Store, DiBella Music, Music Lab, Ash Bash Music (UK) and many others.