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Drummer Cafe TV The Drummer Café Adds a New Entrée to Its Multimedia Menu: DrummerCafé.TV

Bart Elliott’s Drummer Café, a premier drum/percussion community website for drummers and percussionists around the world, proudly announces the latest addition to its entrée menu … DrummerCafe.TV!

"I've been a journalist and PR professional for the drum industry for nearly 20 years and think that Drummer Cafe is one of the best sites on the Internet for drum news, reviews and other related information" said Josh Moscov, who runs JCM Media, a music/drum PR/marketing firm. "Bart is an innovator when it comes to web site development and Drummer Cafe TV is a great idea that will be successful."

The Drummer Café is widely known as having one of the best drum/percussion forums on the Internet, but over the past seven years has grown into a leading supplier of drumming news, reviews, interviews, lessons, articles and audio/video resources. Like much of the written content on the Drummer Cafe, the majority of DrummerCafé.TV is created by the site’s founder/owner, Bart Elliott. “I’ll continue to write articles, lessons and product reviews”, says Elliott, “but through DrummerCafé.TV I can bring all of this to life. It’s a huge value to the viewer, student and would-be consumer to actually see and hear the individual who is reporting, teaching or giving the review.”

DrummerCafé.TV will feature a new 30-60 minute episode each week, covering a broad range of drum and music related topics. “I want there to be something for everyone”, explains Elliott, “so there will definitely be a mix of infotainment and educational content for drummers AND percussionists. There’s always something new cooking at the Drummer Café, and DrummerCafé.TV is bound to satisfy the most discerning percussive palette.”

About Drummer Café

Founded in 2001 by drummer and percussionist Bart Elliott, the Drummer Café is widely recognized as one of the finest drum and percussion sites on the Internet. Built on a foundation of professionalism and education, as well as having a first-class drum forum, the Drummer Café plays host to a community of thousands of drummers and percussionists, novice to professionals, performers and educators from around the globe.

Bart Elliott is a seasoned, degreed professional drummer and percussionist with over 25 years in the music industry. As a performing artist, studio musician, educator, clinician, composer and former drum shop owner, Bart brings a diverse background of experiences and knowledge to the Drummer Café and the drumming community worldwide. For more information on Drummer Café, visit www.drummercafe.com.