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UP Drums - Rick Latham Apex Signature Snare

UP DRUMS (Markus Unterthurner & Urban Piazzi), located in Südtirol/Italy have been making extraordinary snare drums for more than a decade. World famous funky drummer Rick Latham (Artist, Best Selling Author and Educator) discovered these unique products and fell in love with these awesome snare drums, followed by the decision to put together their knowledge, creating for Rick Lathams's 60th birthday the Rick Latham Apex Signature snare drum.

The Apex snare drum, designed by UP drums and Rick Latham, hand-crafted in South-Tyrol/Italy will be produced in a limited edition of 60 snares. The snare drum has an incredible sensitivity, feel and sound. The buyer/customer of this extraordinary drum will be surely pleased by the patented fusion-hoop-tecnology, a real innovation in the drum industry.

The Rick Latham "APEX" Signature Snare Drum

  • Handcrafted in Südtirol / Italy
  • Shell of Selected American Walnut (laquered with extra hard polish) 14x7 - 15 mm re-rings 8 mm center, Stave Shell Construction
  • Patent Pending Fusion Hoop Technology of Exotic African Zebra (AZ) Wood (Thin Hoop = 10 mm), resistant like metal hoop
  • Lugs of African Zebra Wood
  • Handcrafted Throwoff
  • Precision Bearing Edge at 60°
  • Graduated True Snare Bed (120 mm x 2,5 mm)
  • Incredible sensitivity, feel and sound


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