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Vater Percussion Vater Percussion has joined forces with the celebrated organization DAD (Drums and Disabilities) to launch a Global special education curriculum called the "Vater Percussion/DAD Program Drum Therapy® Initiative." The Groundbreaking initiative helps children with Autism, Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Tourettes Syndrome, ODD, Aspberger's and other disabilities, to develop retention, coordination, self-esteem, and physical and cognitive functioning in schools and communities throughout the world.

Psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, music therapists, and special education instructors and drum instructors throughout the world take part in the Vater Percussion/DAD Program Drum Therapy® Initiative, and use Drum Therapy® to help their special needs students and patients develop physical and cognitive functioning.

Top celebrities, sports stars, community leaders, and corporations also take part in the Vater Percussion/DAD Program Drum Therapy® Initiative. Some include Senator Anthony Bucco, the New Jersey Department of Education, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Administration, the WWE Superstars, the NY Giants, the NJ Nets, Borders Books, Coca-Cola, the Morris County Park Police, Hasbro Toys, and WDHA Radio among others.

"Statistics indicate the percentage of disabilities present in children increased over 47.9 % over the past 10 years. The significant growth of the disability population signals an opportunity to meet the needs of these youth," said Pat Gesualdo, Vater Percussion Special Education Program Director, and DAD Program President/CEO. "The Vater Percussion/DAD Program Drum Therapy® sm Initiative has been launched on a Global basis, in an effort to help inform and educate disabled children, and their parents and teachers. In so doing, the future of these children may be made brighter by having access to such an intensive program," Gesualdo adds.

Vater Percussion will help promote their Global special education initiative with an exclusive website series on Drum Therapy®. It will be located at http://www.vater.com/, http://www.myspace.com/patgesualdo, http://www.myspace.com/dadprogram, and the Vater Percussion myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/vaterpercussion. Additionally, Pat Gesualdo will be featured at the PASIC and NAMM Show Vater Booth to discuss the initiative with drummers and drum instructors.