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Wheatware drumsticks

Making Music Biodegradable

  • Rockband-compatable drumsticks
  • Great for electronic drumsets, reduce wear and tear on electronics
  • Offer a textured grip, natural feel, and amazing bounce back
  • These forest saving wheat sticks do not splinter, therefore last longer than wood.

Their high density weight creates a whip and snap effect that drummers say gives a faster bounce back, allowing faster movement around the drumset!

Hear a crisp, clean pop sound, a shorter resonance on bass toms, and great cymbal sound. Help cool our planet, retain our forests, help stop global warming by adding to your kit, these amazing tree-free, plastic-free stix!


Compostable: ASTM D6400-04 — Biodegrades in 90-days in microbially-active soil

Drumsticks Technical info: (ASTM D6400-04 compostable)
5A Diameter 1/2 inch, 16 inches long
5B Diameter 19/32 inch, 16 inches long
2B Diameter 5/8 inch, 16 inches long

Available online at the Drummer Cafe via Amazon.com ... click HERE!