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Wicked Beats

The First Complete Guide to Jamaican Drumming, Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae

Hudson Limited announced today the upcoming release of Wicked Beats, an instructional DVD for drummers. The product will present a comprehensive historical study and educational system for Jamaican drumming styles.

Hosted and produced by drummer Gil Sharone (Stolen Babies/The Dillinger Escape Plan),Wicked Beats is the first product to offer a complete study of the evolution and development of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. It is the first and only curriculum to cover African Nyabingi, Mento and Burru, which helped shape the foundation of Jamaican drumming.

Wicked Beats’ comprehensive program teaches the proper sound and feel for dozens of grooves and variations. Sharone expertly guides the viewer through each of the three primary Jamaican styles plus many sub-styles, with tips on how to master each.

The product also includes compelling band demonstrations that give context to the lessons. The performances feature influential Jamaican/reggae musicians executing these styles with an authentic feel.

Completing the package are play-along tracks, an eBook with transcriptions, and a recommended discography. The DVD also includes special appearances by reggae historian Roger Steffens, Jamaican drumming pioneer Lloyd Knibb (The Skatalites), reggae drumming legend Carlton “Santa” Davis, and Adrian Young (No Doubt).

“This DVD is a musical journey with a real world payoff,” says Hudson Limited co-president Robert Wallis. “It delivers a full spectrum of knowledge that can be applied immediately in many playing situations.”

Wicked Beats
DVD running time: 2:33
Label: Hudson Limited
Price: $24.99
Release Date: January 14, 2010
Item: HL00321126
Pub: HDDVDGS25    
ISBN: 1423499921
UPC#: 884088533410
EAN#: 978142349992