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DG Zambo

The DG “Zambo” model joins the family of innovative, high-quality Cajons from De Gregorio, Spain’s leading Cajon maker. The full-size Zambo is made from FSC-certified, premium-grade, North Atlantic Birch with 9-ply sides, a 5-ply back and a 3-ply front for superior sound, sensitivity and strength. The Cajon also features a patented snare assembly with tension-adjustable nylon wound strands and an on/off snare switch conveniently located on the outside of the drum. Not only do the Zambo’s snares offer a more mellow tone than conventional wire snares, the ability to turn them on and off provides increased versatility — allowing the Cajon to be used in traditional Spanish, Brazilian, Cuban and Peruvian situations as well as a variety of contemporary musical styles.

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