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Zildjian Pitch Black™ CymbalsThe Avedis Zildjian Company, cymbal innovators for 385 years, announces its first-ever color-coated cymbal series. Pitch Black™ cymbals are available in a full range of sizes and models and are designed specifically for Rock and Metal applications. The series features eight models including a 22-inch Ride, 20-inch Crash Ride, 18 and 16-inch Crashes, 13-inch Splash, 15-inch Mastersound HiHats, 14-inch HiHats and an 18-inch China.

Utilizing a proprietary coating process, all cymbals are made from Zildjian's high performance Bronze 12 Alloy which features enhanced tin content for a richer sound. The coating process allows the cymbals to be durable and visually striking while still opening up as a cymbal should. Heavier weights and large sizes combined with new profiles, cups, lathing and hammering techniques help to deliver the brightness and presence required for Rock and Metal applications.

The 22-inch Ride features an oversized bell for extra volume but is crafted to have enough wash to provide body when striking the edge. The 20-inch Crash Ride was primarily designed as an explosive Crash but still has enough balance to be used as a primary or secondary Ride. For Crashes, the 18-inch model is clear and substantial with excellent sustain and the 16-inch model along with the 13-inch Splash are perfect for quick accents.

The 14-inch HiHats offer the traditional size while the 15-inch Mastersound HiHats offer extra volume with the hammered outer edge on the bottom cymbal providing a massive "chick" sound. The undersides of both HiHat models have been left uncoated to maximize their "chick" and projection. Rounding out the series, the 18-inch China features a wide flange and gives a powerful voice for trashy, musical punctuations.

Zildjian's John Sorenson commented, "The first thing that hits you about these cymbals is the strikingly beautiful black finish. Pure black with contrasting white Pitch Black and Zildjian logos on top of fully lathed Bronze 12 alloy. The second thing that hits you is how great they sound. The shapes and sizes we used produce the right range of tones and projection for Rock. It is sort of like a one-two combination that comes out of nowhere."

For more information and to purchase online, click HERE.