Drummer Cafe 20th Anniversary
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  Aaron Spears

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Thursday, October 26, 2017 (This event repeats every year)

This event occurs in the UTC time zone.

Aaron Spears

Aaron Spears, born October 26, 1976 in Washington, DC, is an American drummer, best known for his R&B drumming styles and his work with Usher.

Born into a Pentecostal family with strong Christian values, Spears had a lot of musical influences growing up; his father was a percussionist. Aaron first got into drumming at school and at the age of 23, joined his first band, a Christian band that played fusion, jazz and were called Gideon Band. Soon after Aaron joined the Funk Rock Orchestra which is owned by Usher.

Aaron Spears has worked with the likes of Usher, Alicia Key, and the legendary James Brown.

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