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INXS - Kick

"New Sensation" is a hit song by the Australian rock group, INXS. The third single from their 1987 album, Kick, "New Sensation" reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, #9 in Australia, #25 in the UK, and #8 on the Album Rock Tracks in the US.

Below is my complete drum transcription of "New Sensation", as played by INXS drummer and founding member, Jon Farriss. I've also included several INXS videos. The first is the original music video for the song, although the visual aspects of Jon's performance don't always match the original recording - typical of most music videos from the '80s. The second video is from the INXS "Live Baby Live" concert film, recorded in Wembley, London, on July 13, 1991.

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