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Drummer Cafe 20th Anniversary
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Here are a few quotes from individuals who have studied drums/percussion with Bart Elliott, either live in person or via correspondence video lessons.

"After not having any success in my search for a private instructor near where I live, I contacted Bart and inquired about video lessons. That was the beginning of a new phase of drumming for me.

"I gave Bart a rather long list of things I wanted to work on. He listened and understood what I had to say about what I wanted to accomplish and he went to work, creating a video lesson tailor-made for me.

"Bart made it known that he is available to answer any questions I may have about anything on the video. When I do have a question, I'll IM (instant message) Bart and he quickly answers with the proper information, worded in a way that is easily understood. What I considered to be a mountain-sized problem, he smoothed out to be nothing more than a mole hill.

"I immediately noticed Bart's passion and enthusiasm for drumming when I first discovered the Drummer Cafe. This also comes across through the video lesson. He is excited and eager to teach drumming and passes this enthusiasm through his lessons.

"For anyone unable to find a private instructor in their area, I definitely recommend video lessons with Bart Elliott.

"Studying with Bart has been an inspiration and a blessing. It has added to my playing ability and has given me more confidence as a drummer. What I once felt was extremely difficult or out of reach I now understand to be completely attainable through disciplined practice.

"I am proud to not only call Bart my instructor but also my friend."

- Matt Kravitz
Baton Rouge, LA


"I have had the pleasure of studying privately with Mr. Elliott on several occasions. His approach to teaching is very effective and guarantees that the student will walk away from the lesson with something. He creates a relaxed, low-stress environment by incorporating an approach that makes the student feel like he or she is talking to a drumming buddy rather than a typical teaching approach where a student may often feel a great deal of intimidation, which can potentially hinder the student's ability to learn. In addition, the student is treated to an environment that is very conducive to learning with easy access to instruments and multiple set-ups to encourage many different ways the student can learn, allowing for a more tailored approach to teaching rather than a "one method fits all" approach. With his background and experience, Mr. Elliott also offers a wealth of knowledge that extends into the practical applications and uses of any learned element. This approach allows the student to readily apply newfound knowledge to fit his or her current musical situation. In addition, Mr. Elliott includes an approach that fosters the ability for students to teach themselves, which stems from the encouragement of new ideas and applications based on the principle subject matter being taught/learned. This is an invaluable benefit for a student that can be gained by studying with Mr. Elliott. Further, Mr. Elliott possesses all the necessary elements of a great instructor such as patience, enthusiasm and passion.

"I had the opportunity to study applied drumset techniques, conga technique, djembe technique, tabla technique and doumbek technique. In each instance, Mr. Elliott not only excelled in his teaching/communication skills of the specific technique, but he also provided numerous musical examples and applications of the technique. This approach allowed me to not only learn more quickly, but also inspired me to further develop the technique and foster ways to practically apply the technique. In addition, Mr. Elliott encouraged me to videotape our lessons, which provides another great learning tool for the student. I have found this to be another extremely valuable tool that not every instructor wishes to take part in.

"Overall, I would highly recommend any studying opportunity with Bart Elliott, whether it is in person or via video correspondence. The experience is definitely an enjoyable and beneficial one."

- Scott Miles
Dallas, TX


"First I would like to say that I certainly got my moneys worth and more from the Critique & Consultation video, which had comments on my playing and suggestions for further study. The comments were very thorough and thoughtful.

"As I watched the video and listened to Bart I sensed in him very contagious passion for drumming and teaching. I felt that he was glad to share information and help. His comments made me want to study and get better so I decided to take a Correspondence Video Lesson from him ... one so far, but I would like to say that it was even more thorough then the critique.

"Instruction was very methodical and well thought out but also very laid-back and not stiff at all. One thing led to another very smoothly and I never lost him and was able to follow very easily.

"To me the sign of a good teacher is that he/she can assess your current level and give you instructions based on it and also being able to communicate those instructions well. Bart certainly demonstrated all of those qualities.

"I probably won't have to take another [video] lesson for a while because this one contained so much practical information. I think I could spend a year just working on things that Bart outlined for me. Well I hope it won't be that long till my next lesson! I am looking forward to learning more from him.

"I consider it a great privilege to study with Bart ... and would recommend Bart Elliott's services to anyone who wants a serious, honest and professional opinion of their technique, style and all other things drumming."

- I. Fedotov
Webster, NY